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Bodhi Vandana Gatha Pdf Free [HOT]


Bodhi Vandana Gatha Pdf Free

Oct 11, 2015 Find and Download the Latest form of Bodhi Gatha PDF File totally free. Bodhi Gatha PDF is very comprehensive and professional content by its remarkable . English Gatha Songs of Thanthu Mouluva Subha (Gatha): Bodhisattva Gatha (Bodhi Vandana Gatha):. Bodhi Pundarika gatha. Karunikaran na Veda. 4 Discography Of Monks & Nuns Chanting Gatha By Bodhi Free bodhi puja gatha pdf free Download. Download lost world by lita melodi mp3.Q: Maintain aspect ratio of parent's div with jQuery I have this jquery code to make a div grow and shrink: $('.row').hover(function () { var h = $(this).data('height'); $(this).data('height',h*1.08); }, function() { var h = $(this).data('height'); $(this).data('height',h); }); And I'm trying to make the child div grow but maintain the aspect ratio of the parent's div, so not a complete stretch, or a wimpy one. Any suggestions? A: Take a look at this If you only want to keep the aspect ratio while the parent is larger and then when it becomes smaller have it fit inside a parent that could be larger or smaller the code would look like this (assuming you want the parent to "resize"): $('.row').hover(function () { var h = $(this).data('height'); $(this).data('height',h*1.08); $('#my-parent').width(h*1.08).height(h); }, function() { var h = $(this).data('height'); $(this).data('height',h); }); To get the dimensions of the smaller div, add this and change the values: var $my-child = $('#

Full Edition Bodhi Vandana Gatha Rar [mobi] Utorrent Ebook


Bodhi Vandana Gatha Pdf Free [HOT]

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