An Update from us on COVID-19 closures


Attention Members:

Due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Ontario, the Government has decided to move the Province into the Grey Zone (Lockdown). This means that fitness facilities will be shut down again for the Feb 10th.

What does this mean for our members? 

Our gyms will be closed but our Physiotherapy services within our buildings will remain open by appointment only. As we did with the first shut down, we will be applying credits to any accounts billed during the shut down when we open back up for service. We can assure you that as a small, local business, these billings will be used to cover our staff payroll and rent upcoming but will be credited back in time once the clubs re-open. This helps us guarantee to you that we will come out of the lockdown strong enough to continue providing you a quality club with a quality customer service.


What does this mean for 5 Star?

The restrictions placed on the fitness industry over the past few months have made it very difficult to run a successful business and we appreciate all of the understanding and support from all of our members. Going from a maximum of 50 people to having to wear masks during your workout to a lowered limit of only 10 people has been exceptionally difficult for all of us but we hoped it would get us through this pandemic without shutting down again. The fitness industry does not have an order for takeout or pre order online for pickup options like restaurants and retail so this shutdown is going to be very difficult for lots of smaller fitness clubs. Your continued support will go a long way to helping us through this tough time.

Are there any options during the shutdown?

Please contact us at for more information regarding equipment rental or physiotherapy.

Please do not respond to this email directly as it is not monitored.

Thank you for your understanding. Please continue to stay safe and healthy during this very unique holiday season!